Monday, June 27, 2011

Hong Kong part 2

F1410019 copy

Here is a nother batch from Hong Kong. Still from my Canon Av-1 but this time on a normal film. Don't remember which though.

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F1410022 copy





F1410021 copy

Sunday, June 19, 2011


F1420029 copy

Here is two rolls of Lomo Redscale RX film from our trip to Hong Kong. It was a great trip and super awesome to see our awesome friend Nick (AKA Electric Pick) again. Some of you might know and remember that he moved to Hong Kong earlier this year so we decided to come visit him and see this place that has stolen him from us.

More pictures to be expected here in a near future. Both digital and analogue.

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F1420036 copy

F1420030 copy


F1420025 copy

F1420017 copy

F1420011 copy

F1430036 copy

F1430034 copy

F1430028 copy

F1430019 copy

F1430010 copy

F1430007 copy

F1430005 copy