Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Triumphant Hellhammer of Death

The legend Tom G Warrior brought his band of apocalyptic warriors to Inferno Festival in Oslo this April. 
His Tribute band to Hellhammer was a pleasure to experience.


Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Rebirth of Gorgoroth


Gorgoroth is one of the bands that have shaped my taste in black metal and have made it's place solidly grounded in my list of favourite black metal bands. Different singers and change in line-up does not change this fact, it just enhances it. For the last many years, Hoest, from Taake, have been leading Gorgoroth live. 
I was very excited to get to shoot this band again at this years Inferno Festival in Oslo, Norway. 
I was photographing for the festival which means I got to shoot almost every band performing but here I will share my personal favourites, be it favourite bands or photos. You can see more of my shots at Inferno Festivals Facebook HERE
or on their Instagram HERE
or as always on my band photo instagram HERE

It felt good to be back in front of the stage.