Saturday, August 16, 2014

Red And Blue

Here is a mother batch from my trip to New York. 
As you might have guessed the theme here is red and blue... I felt it was fitting... being in America and all. Hope you like them!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Adam And Signs Of New York

Here is the next post from my recent trip to the US of A and the great city of New York. New York is the right size of apple for me. I love big cities so this felt just right to me. I can't wait to take a new bite of the big apple.

This handsome man pictured in this post was my host and a guy that I consider a really really good friend and a very wise man. Like a Texan Buddha. On top of that he is a great tattooer and artist. It was an honour and a pleasure to work with him and his crew at Red Rocket Tattoo. I miss those guys and gals! Thank you Adam!!

If you head over to my tattoo blog there will be a few of the tattoos that i got to do while working at Red Rocket tattoo.

There is still a few more pictures to post from my trip so check back soon. 
I hope you like them so far.