Saturday, April 30, 2011

Darker Handcraft

IMG_7296 copy

I went to Hamburg to visit some friends there and catch a show with my buddies in The Kandidate. They were opening for Rotten Sound together with Haust, Gaza and Trap Them. The lighting was so bad that most of the time there were no direct light on who ever was singing so I ended up just snapping some pictures of Trap Them who I had been looking forward to see for a while.
Because of the lack of light I decided to go all black and white and crank the ISO to get that grainy film look. Funny how we try to get our fancy cameras to work like and old camera.

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IMG_7369 copy

IMG_7286 copy

IMG_7260 copy

aIMG_7199 copy

aIMG_7264 copy

IMG_7196 copy

aIMG_7339 copy

IMG_7218 copy

IMG_7324 copy

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grey day

After two days of spring and sun, rain and grey weather can really bring you down. Can't get myself started on anything. Well, there is always photos to be uploaded.
I need to take new pictures soon. Should have been in Japan right now where I can't turn my head without seeing something or someone I would like to take a picture of.
Gotta find my picture soon.


Hata 1





Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tiny landscapes

hat 1 (Original)

Here is the original shots from the shoot for Amalies hats. No filters or fancy stuff.
Scroll down to the post before this for links to Amalies shop and blog.

hat 2 (Original)

hat 2 (Original)

hat 3 (Original)

hat 3 (Original)

Hat1_0476 copy

hat7_1299 copy

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The girl with a bird in her hair


My talented wife made these amazing hats and I was lucky enough to get to photograph them. Our friend Christel stepped in as a stylist and her sister agreed to be the model. We took the pictures at a local park on a sunny day. I got a bit of help from my canon flash with a softbox.
I used to be all about not doing anything to the pictures in photoshop and I still am to a certain degree but I think it was a reaction to all the people who didn't really cared about taking the picture but more what they could do with it in photoshop. Recently I have found it to be quite fun to add stuff to my pictures. I think of it more like adding a mood more than actually fixing up my picture. For me the interesting part is still taking the picture and not the editing part. These pictures however is obviously photoshopped a whole bunch. I will post some none photoshopped pictures from this shoot soon... just to show the real ones too.

You can still buy some of these amazing creations on Amalies Etsy shop. Right now there's even a chance to get an awesome hairpiece and support Japan at the same time so go check it out HERE and HERE and her website HERE

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hat 4 "crossprocessed" in Ps