Monday, March 28, 2011

Death Bros


One of the few good things about not going to Japan anyway is that I get to hangout with my buddies in Cancer Bats and Stan after all. Here is some shots from the first time we met at the Roskilde Festival a few years ago. Great peeps, good times! Can't wait to see them again soon.









Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pictures on a disc

While cleaning up the apartment I found this cd with some pictures from one of our trips to Japan. I am still a bit scared about how it will feel when we were actually supposed to be in Japan. Right now we feel ok and have a lot of great things looking forward to at home but there will be some serious Japan missing.
Here is some pictures from my Lomo Lc-A+








The End


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Temple of the fox

IMG_4388 copy

I still can't find the words to write about what is going on in Japan at the moment. Our second home is in shock and chaos and we aren't going to spend spring time in what I like to call my happy place. Things are not like they should be. I hope Japan will get better soon. More words might come soon.

IMG_4291 copy

IMG_4320 copy

IMG_4411 copy

ohhhhhh Japan!!!

From better times in Koenji, Tokyo taken with the Lomo Lc-A+


These shots are way back from 2008 in Osaka. Taken with my Lomo Lc-A+




Sunday, March 6, 2011



This was another rush "photoshoot". I wanted to take a picture of my Grandma for my dads birthday. Unfortunately I don't see her that often so I had to take the picture at the birthday party. A 84 year old lady on a cold day in a garden with harsh sun and no time for set up does not make a perfect shoot. But at least you can always learn a lot from situations like these and looking at the pictures today I can see what I could have done different and what to think of next time I am having a commando hit and run shoot.
I hope my dad will like them.



Speaking of learning. Our next Japan trip is coming up and my photogear is already looking forward to being used again. I have decided to try to push myself a bit this time. I want to continue the series that I have been shooting the last couple of times, people, bikes, legs but this time I will fight my shyness and ask some people if I can take their picture. This is a great deal for me because I get really nervous when I have to approach people this way. I hope this will be a succes and that I will get enough good material to keep pushing myself this way. We will see. Live and learn, right?