Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last part of the secret hospital mission.
Mattias and I had an amazing day in this old abandoned city that used to be a hospital ground. The facility had its own baker, butcher etc. as a village would. It was taken over by the Russians but have now been without care takes for many years... but not without love. Love from teenagers who have a place to hide and play and get away from grown ups. Love from people like me who loves going exploring an abandoned gem like this. But maybe this place is getting a bit too loved and overruned. Maybe it is time to look for a new place.
You can go see Matthias' photos from that day HERE

Friday, August 28, 2015

Beautyful Decay

Layers of paint. Wallpaper peeling off the walls after years of decay. 
Cracked walls under old layers of paint applied decades ago.

This is the second part of the secret mission to a secret location. 


Mattias and I went on a secret mission to an old abandoned hospital... well we thought it would be a secret mission but it seamed like news about this place had reached the public. Already at the station we ran into groups of photo tourists. despite that and the fact that some of the main buildings were shot off for some movie shoot we still had an amazing trip. The location will remain a secret from my side...