Sunday, May 29, 2011

A road to somewhere


We are few hours from being in the air on our way to Hong Kong. A new photographic adventure awaits. I can't wait to see what Hong Kong will look like through my good ol Canon Av 1 and my Canon 5D Mark II.
This is from our last trip to Japan taken with the Av 1.
See you soon.






Sunday, May 22, 2011

When up is down and left is right


Our good friends Sascha and Anki came up from Hamburg to visit for a long weekend. Anki got tattooed and as a thank you she let me play a bit with her Hasselblad. Fun but hard to get used to looking down and mirrored. Difficult but at the same time really awesome new feeling shooting this way. Hope it won't be the last time I look down in a Hasselblad.






Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lucifer's Rocking Chair


Here is a few more from the Cancer Bats show in Odense. I think I like the black and white better but that might be because that was how I shot them. But here they are and there is more on the Flickr.

No more concert shots for now.

aDPP_0022 copy

aDPP_0016 copy

aDPP_0023 copy

aDPP_0024 copy

aDPP_0014 copy

aDPP_0010 copy

aDPP_0003 copy

aDPP_0002 copy

Darkness Lives

aIMG_7610 copy

A few days after the Trap Them show I went to Odense to catch up with my friends, the Cancer Bats. They were playing their first out of two Denmark shows so I thought I might as well bring my Camera along. I'm no band/concert photographer nor have I any intension of becoming one. I have noticed increase of cameras in front of the stages at the last many shows I have been too. It puzzles me a bit. It also makes me feel guilty when I'm standing there with my camera. I'm not trying to be cool or get in on a trade that is already more than full of wannabes. I guess I take that with coming from tattooing. I hate when I see tattooers who are just in it for the coolness factor. I don't take band pictures because that's the new cool thing to do. I don't say that the people I see in front of the stages do that either, I'm just surprised how many there are these days. I like to take pictures of people. I love it actually. I thrills me. I love seeing the world through my cameras. That doesn't mean that I think that I am a professional photographer of any kind but neither do I feel the urge to be one. I am a tattooer and that's what I do for a living. This photo taking thing however has become a great passion and an addiction to me.
I don't really know where I was going with this but I guess I had to get it out.

Anyway...I chose to shoot both in RAW and JPG (BW in camera) in case I wanted to go for colour later. That turned out to be a pretty good idea since a lot of the shots actually turned out pretty cool in colour. Now I am sitting with the problem of having to convert from RAW to JPG so it might take a bit longer before the colour shots gets here. It also means that there might be a couple of the same shots in the batch but I will try to mix it up.

We had some really awesome days hanging with Bats & crew. You guys are awesome.

Click a picture to go to my flickr for more.


aIMG_7483 copy

aIMG_7485 copy

aIMG_7572 copy

aIMG_7589 copy

aIMG_7655 copy

aIMG_7476 copy

aIMG_7686 copy