Sunday, November 6, 2011

Under The Sign Of Hell

I went to see Gorgoroth play a few nights ago. I had to bring the camera just in case.
I shared the spot of shooting with the in-house photographer who had flashes set up to shoot wireless where ever he went. It was fun to see how he relied on his flashes to light up the guys on stage where I pretty much do the opposite. I rather have a moody dark sihluette of the people. But then again I'm not there to catch the band for who they are but just the mood I feel. I guess that is the different between the hired guns who need to capture the artist and me who just shoot for me.






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Sunday, October 23, 2011

The hat makers conspiracy

As most of you might know, my wife makes amazing hats and other awesome things to put on your head. We were lucky to have Jacquline model for the new-ish collection of hats. It was a super fun shoot for me and as always I have already learned a bunch from looking at the pictures so I know what to do different next time.
Go check them out and maybe even buy one on Amalies website and Etsy shop.

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hat 13

hat 15

hat 15

hat 16

hat 16

hat 17

hat 18

hat 14

hat 14

hat 12

hat 11

hat 10

hat 9

hat 8

hat 7

hat 6

hat 4

hat 2

Hat 1

hat 3

hat 5

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice

a000001 copy

This is the result from my first shoot with the Mamiya C3 that I inherited from my wife's grandpa.
It was also the first time that I tried shooting with a lightmeter so I had no clue if anything would come out of these 4 rolls of film.
This is also from before mentioned practice with The Kandidate who is about to start recording their new album. Tomorrow actually. I had hoped that I could have been there to document it but due to other plans I have to skip that.
I still have some more pictures from this session. I did bring 4 different kinds of cameras. Next will be from my canon AV-1 35mm.

On other photo related news. We are almost done with our darkroom at the shop. Shelves needs to be put up and ventilation still needs to be put up but it feels good to be this close to be able to develop and print our own photos.

a000006 copy

a000005 copy

a000004 copy

a000011 copy

a000012 copy

a000002 copy

a000006 copy

a000003 copy

a000012 copy

a000002 copy

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mission Impossible

A few weekends back I went to shoot my friends in The Kandidate while the rehearsed for their upcoming album. I brought 4 different cameras including a good ol polaroid. It had a normal old film in it but after that was done I finally got to test out some of the new ones from The Impossible Project. Since they change the way they make these films then the first one turned out a bit sepia and the other one just black and whit. Both cool results and I am looking forward to shoot with them again.










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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

American Jesus

Here is some shots from our last day, Sunday at Roskilde. We got there a bit late due to traffic so we missed out on most of Bad Religion. Fortunately I have seen them MANY times before so no big loss but still.

Got to hang out with my good ol buddy Anders who were there for the day.

The weather was amazing so at least we could enjoy that while waiting for our last band to go on. Graveyard. Amazing band and show.

aIMG_2048 copy

aIMG_2096 copy

aIMG_2117 copy

aIMG_2231 copy

aIMG_2148 copy

Ironman Anders

aIMG_2184 copy

aIMG_2180 copy

aIMG_2296 copy

aIMG_2343 copy

aIMG_2357 copy

aIMG_2503 copy

aIMG_2368 copy

aIMG_2449 copy

aIMG_2405 copy

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