Sunday, October 23, 2011

The hat makers conspiracy

As most of you might know, my wife makes amazing hats and other awesome things to put on your head. We were lucky to have Jacquline model for the new-ish collection of hats. It was a super fun shoot for me and as always I have already learned a bunch from looking at the pictures so I know what to do different next time.
Go check them out and maybe even buy one on Amalies website and Etsy shop.

As always, click a picture to go to my Flickr to see more.

hat 13

hat 15

hat 15

hat 16

hat 16

hat 17

hat 18

hat 14

hat 14

hat 12

hat 11

hat 10

hat 9

hat 8

hat 7

hat 6

hat 4

hat 2

Hat 1

hat 3

hat 5


Flora Amalie said...

Du er god og jeg elsker dig.

MinusAll said...

Wow! Flot. :)

-Straight edge Photography- said...

Allan, good stuff mate...makes me wanna shoot again...Gracias friendo!

I'll be in Tokyo from late December to late January. Looks like we will not have our paths crossed this time! We'll keep in touch.

Matt the Geek

nova said...

Now THAT's how you style a fancy hat! :)