Tuesday, July 26, 2011

American Jesus

Here is some shots from our last day, Sunday at Roskilde. We got there a bit late due to traffic so we missed out on most of Bad Religion. Fortunately I have seen them MANY times before so no big loss but still.

Got to hang out with my good ol buddy Anders who were there for the day.

The weather was amazing so at least we could enjoy that while waiting for our last band to go on. Graveyard. Amazing band and show.

aIMG_2048 copy

aIMG_2096 copy

aIMG_2117 copy

aIMG_2231 copy

aIMG_2148 copy

Ironman Anders

aIMG_2184 copy

aIMG_2180 copy

aIMG_2296 copy

aIMG_2343 copy

aIMG_2357 copy

aIMG_2503 copy

aIMG_2368 copy

aIMG_2449 copy

aIMG_2405 copy

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