Saturday, July 9, 2011

Scream for me Roskilde!!

I went to this years Roskilde Festival armed with my trusty Canon 5D Mark II. Since I was just gonna shoot from the crowd I didn't really knew what to bring. Wasn't sure about running around with the big 70-200mm on it in the crowd all day so the first day I went for the 24-70 mm lens.

I have previously mentioned that I don't have any intension of stealing a spot as a band/live photographer but I got to admit that I did have a lot of fun shooting these three days of music. I might just be the fact that I was actually shooting something. One thing is sure, I did learn a lot from shooting a few days in a row.

Since this was just something I did for fun I usually just found a place to stay and shot from that point. Once in a while I would move around a bit but not that often so a lot of the shots are from the same angle which made it hard sometimes to catch some of the members of the groups.


Anyway... here is the first day of Roskilde Festival 2011, click a picture to see more on my Flickr:


IMG_0052 cropped

IMG_0044 copy

IMG_0015 copy cropped

1349 bass









IMG_0507 cropped



This was the first day. I hope I will have time to upload the second day soon. Looooots of bands that day.


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igl said...

hell, yeah ! this are awesome pictures !!! thank's for impressions !! :-)