Sunday, March 6, 2011



This was another rush "photoshoot". I wanted to take a picture of my Grandma for my dads birthday. Unfortunately I don't see her that often so I had to take the picture at the birthday party. A 84 year old lady on a cold day in a garden with harsh sun and no time for set up does not make a perfect shoot. But at least you can always learn a lot from situations like these and looking at the pictures today I can see what I could have done different and what to think of next time I am having a commando hit and run shoot.
I hope my dad will like them.



Speaking of learning. Our next Japan trip is coming up and my photogear is already looking forward to being used again. I have decided to try to push myself a bit this time. I want to continue the series that I have been shooting the last couple of times, people, bikes, legs but this time I will fight my shyness and ask some people if I can take their picture. This is a great deal for me because I get really nervous when I have to approach people this way. I hope this will be a succes and that I will get enough good material to keep pushing myself this way. We will see. Live and learn, right?

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