Saturday, February 5, 2011

Monkey mountain

IMG_5736 copy

This is the snow monkeys near Nagano in Japan. We went there on our last trip. Amazing trip. Amazing landscapes and awesome to see the monkeys play in the mountains and bath in the hot springs. Totally wanna go back.
Click a pic to see more monkeys.

IMG_5743 copy

IMG_5875 copy

IMG_5640 copy

IMG_5614 copy

IMG_5609 copy

IMG_5566 copy

IMG_5574 copy

IMG_5480 copy

IMG_5563 copy


Progression Tattoo said...

How cute are they? I could have seriously watched them all day. Although your photo's are way more awesome than any I took.

nova said...

Wow! These are so great!

endijss said...

damn dude, those monkey pictures rock.

-Straight edge Photography- said...

A little jealous of you for these shots mate. These are stunning, just the right depth and tones. Animals rules!