Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mads Vs Mullen

IMG_9616 copy

Mads is one of my regulars who have been tattooed by me since the day he turned 18...so has his twin Peter. Mads is an awesome old school skater. His favorite skater is obviously Rudney Mullen.

On this shoot I was supposed to try out my softbox but ran out of battery for my transmitter so I had to do with good ol mr. sun.
These shots are mostly just resized for web and a few got a bit of a tweak in Levels but other than that just from the camera.

Press a picture to go to my Flickr. Many more pictures from that day there.

IMG_9502 copy

IMG_9490 copy

IMG_9251 copy

IMG_9212 copy

IMG_9072 copy

IMG_9153 copy

IMG_9406 copy

IMG_9603 copy

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