Monday, June 18, 2012


I have gotten myself a new tool to prevent these long breaks from blogging. I can now blog from my living room from my new Macbook pro. Awesome new toy!!

We went to Berlin fro an extended weekend. I mostly shot film on that trip but since I'm playing with the new Aperture that allows me to upload directly to my flickr you will have to settle for a few digital pictures.






I hope to have more up here soon... maaaaaybe a few from this weekends Copenhell. I still have my fingers crossed for a photo pass for this years Roskilde Festival. Got some great ideas...


-Straight Edge Photography- said...

Howdy UA. Been awhile..just wanted to say "nice photos" nd congrats to your new MacBook Pro, good stuff. Without it I would be in Limbo land. Hey, what lens you use mainly nowadays? You on a Mark III or II?

Might get me a Mark II later this year when back home in Tokyo, getting real cheap now.



Anonymous said...

Both these photos sets are amazingly good. Would love to see more frequent updates. Keep up the good work your a lord.