Saturday, August 9, 2014

Adam And Signs Of New York

Here is the next post from my recent trip to the US of A and the great city of New York. New York is the right size of apple for me. I love big cities so this felt just right to me. I can't wait to take a new bite of the big apple.

This handsome man pictured in this post was my host and a guy that I consider a really really good friend and a very wise man. Like a Texan Buddha. On top of that he is a great tattooer and artist. It was an honour and a pleasure to work with him and his crew at Red Rocket Tattoo. I miss those guys and gals! Thank you Adam!!

If you head over to my tattoo blog there will be a few of the tattoos that i got to do while working at Red Rocket tattoo.

There is still a few more pictures to post from my trip so check back soon. 
I hope you like them so far.

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