Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sun And Rain In Hamburg

On my recent trip to Hamburg, My friend James was kind enough to give me a few quick Lightroom tricks and a few presets to play with. Here is some photos from the trip. Hangs with Kinga. Coffee with Sascha and Anki. Dinner and cake with Sarah and James. Sunshine and rain. Good times!

If you have read this blog before you know that I always have hard time with over processing my photos. I prefer the photo to be made in the camera and not on the computer. I do however like the effects that some of these presets offers. All based on the characteristics of different types of films and that makes them a bit more fun for me. Here I just played around with different types of similar presets but there is a few none edited ones in there too. 
Hope you like them.

Kinga and i took cover from the rain in an old photo mat from the 70's. When the pictures were done it stopped raining. 

Anki is making cakes for their local coffee pusher, located across from her husband, Sascha's shop. Very convenient.
Super tasty cakes and good coffee and cool place.




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