Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday

First post. Happy birthday new blog. There won't be too many words on this blog but since this is the first post I guess it will be good to tell you what is going down.
Normally I will write in the labels what camera, film lens etc I have used but this post is a mix match of films from different places of the world. I think they are all taken on the Canon Av-1 though. So here it is, the first post.

This is my favorite subject: People


Enrico said...

First Comment EVER!! Yeeeeh!
Really happy about this blog's opening! Can't wait to see lots of your shoots! Have a great day!

igl said...

you make good pictures, allen .

pandora89 said...

Nice start of your new blog!:) Your talent is more than obvious!:) Keep going!:)