Thursday, December 30, 2010


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These shots are from my last two trips to Japan. They were inspired by a Danish blog called Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

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Check out some more of my bike shots at CopenhagenCycleChic HERE and HERE or at my Flickr.

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Frangipan said...

I love cycling, there is something beautiful about people on bikes!

mwcp japan-Straight edge Photography- said...

Brother A.

Bikes and photography, the 2 main passions that makes life worth living…..wish I could combine the two, would be so sweeet! as you know I'm a simple man and can only give all my attensione to one topic at a time, eather full speeed cycling or my nose hard pressed against a camera house, blacked out viewfinder frame on reality.
Nice stuff, looking forward to seeing more on your dark room work. Never been interested in developing my self but what comes out from the process can be life changing and a good image is a good image is a good image.

Sad news in mold ridden humid Southern Thailand…my bread winner lens 24-70mm is now filled with a new ecosystem in forms of a web of mold communities. No way I can open it up and clean it, will be in Japan next week from Jan 5 - 15 so a dash down to Canon center to see what verdict the geeks will throw at me. fuck fuck fuck fuck! Have been shooting 50 mm lots lately and it all happened so fast……FUCK, silica gel doesn't work in this environment man! Also got a tiny little big stucked in the view finder (doesn't affect the image), mighty irritating to see this dead little bugger every time you are trying to zone out inside the viewfinder……whine whine whine….sorry!

When home in Tokyo - Bike riding (Tokyo the best city I have been to trash hard in the middle of the traffic on a breakless fixed gear) Also a couple (per day) visits to the local Ashram i.e. Yodabashi Camera….new lens? Sushi and Curry Rice…..yes yes yesssssss, will squeez in a tattoo session with my local tattoo guru at TattooChurch, miss the sessions we had!

Too bad we couldn't hook up this year, lets see 2011…miss you guys!

Too long message for Blogpost….?

Lots of love and best wishes for 2011 from a friend in the Jungle.