Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Last batch

IMG_5556 copy

This is the last batch of leg shots for now. Done! Promise. There might be more some other time but for now I am out. Next...I don't know yet but there is plenty of folders on my hard drive with pictures just waiting to be edited and I actually have time to do so in the next few days.
We will see.

IMG_5691 copy

IMG_6211 copy

IMG_6492 copy

IMG_6509 copy

IMG_5454 copy

IMG_4154 copy

IMG_5269 copy

IMG_5470 copy

IMG_3944 copy

IMG_3900 copy

IMG_3896 copy


igl said...

Photo 1: Is this the crazy Ex- Girlfriend of "Earl Hickey" ???

Hella J said...

Jeg er helt tosset med billede nr 7!