Saturday, January 8, 2011

people and the legs they walk on

IMG_5069 copy

This series was taken as a practice in various things. Taking peoples pictures without disturbing them. To take the picture when you see it. To test out my new lenses. I also took them with the intention to play with them in photoshop. Normally I prefer to only resize and fit for web but I wanted to try out different styles and have some fun. It also help on photos that was taken super fast without much time to think about settings.
There will be a few more posts from this serie and there is also a few alternate shots on my flickr. Just click a picture to go there.

IMG_5221 copy

IMG_5121 copy

IMG_5020 copy

IMG_3360 copy

IMG_3326 copy

IMG_3211 copy

IMG_3201 copy

IMG_2996 copy

IMG_2900 copy

IMG_2781 copy


samboy said...

some really nice photos there allan!

Flora Amalie said...

Agreed, really friggin nice!

igl said...

yummie, ... i like !!! :-9