Thursday, July 12, 2012


It's no secret that I love going to the Roskilde Festival and when Specktors asked gave me a ticket to go and shoot them on this years festival I was beyond stoked. I have had the pleasure of seeing my homies here play in front of a screaming crowd before so I knew it would be a treat to shoot them at Roskilde.
I wanted to shoot them doing the festival off stage as well as on stage.


This first post will be from just before going on stage. There were absolutely no light in the backstage area at all so I didn't get as many shots as I had hoped for. I can usually do with just a tiny bit of light so I hadn't brought my flash gun. Big mistake. I hate using flash in situations like this because it feels so invasive but I could certainly have used it here.

The show was at 3 in the morning on saturday so I came to the backstage area a few hours before to try to catch some of the pre show tension.


They brought guests!

Pato & Christel


... And Medina


... and Kawamura

Don K





there will be plenty of posts from this years Roskilde festival but the next few posts will be devoted to Specktors.

Jon and Pato

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